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  • Sunday, November 15, 2009

    Writing this post just to talk about my life had developed for the recent weeks.

    Yup my O levels is finally over. Feeling both happy and sad. Happy that it is my final exam for my secondary life but sad that I will be leaving this school soon. For now, I feel as if I am rotting, doing some useless stuff everyday compared to my exam days. Wonder how many people actually tried burning their books when they say they gonna do so after exam haha. Well i am passing down the books, anyone wants?

    Plus, I change my phone today. Whoops! Not a samsung pixon. Not a satio. But a iphone 3gs. Very thankful for my brother in helping me out with the setup and my parents for spending this awful sum of money for this baby. Love you!

    fallen @ 5:29 PM

    Sunday, August 2, 2009

    Yeah I won my first ever risk game lols. So cool! I got so addicted to playing to playing risk HAHA. I played on my dad's iphone on facebook called ATTACK. Seeking any possible machine that can play risk. Anyway that strategy tried was quite risky but luckily it somehow work.

    I was playing on the one of the smaller continent, South America. While the large army of BLACK and ORANGE was at war I was slowly building my BLUE army. At the same time I am at war with purple while maintaining good terms with red which was just beside me. After quite a while I manage to decimate PURPLE to a tiny bit but was unable to finish it in the same turn. Then the large army of ORANGE suddenly come KS PURPLE from me and occupy the Africa. I wasn't really that mad but happy that I manage to hold of ORANGE army. Due to PURPLE defeat ORANGE army got bigger but BLACK was doing well fortunately. Then RED left the game after being constantly harass by orange massive army at North America and eventually fall. ME? I maintain neutral occasionally attacking to weaker country. Yeah I know I was a coward. Then I found the correct moment to strike.

    1. I had amass a huge army of 50 in the North.
    2. East was garrison by my 20 army
    3. Both BLACK and ORANGE exhausted their secret weapons (risk cards to gain massive army)
    4. I will be able to continue the rampage next turn with traded risk cards
    5. Lastly, erm I dunno leh HAHA... They gonna die?

    So with the 50 army at North of South America, I send 30 to the North to conquer the North America continent and attack eastwards to occupy half of Europe while the 20 block the west of North America. Then I cease my assault. Since their concentrated army are too far from my Blue Army They could do nothing but wait for their annihilation, HAHA. When it is my turn, I launch a Full-Scale ATTACK at them. I traded my cards for 50+ or more I think. I position 30 at the East of South America which adds up to 50 and the rest at Europe. I send both teams of BLUE eastwards once again. It wasn't long before I conquered Europe (From Orange) and Africa (From Black). It did not end here, I had no time to waste as they might trade to gain even more army if I rest for a turn. I took my chance, sending forth my 'East of South America' army to conquer the remaining Orange army at Oceania. After killing Orange, I gain 60 more army. You should know what happen. Yeah I finish Black too. 2 Players in one turn so cool.

    Wow that was long. I had good memory HAHA. Now, I finish what I wanted to do so it is time to prepare for the EXAM. Hopefully EXAM was as smooth as that match. Good luck to all for your EXAM regardless of PSLE, O'LEVEL or even A'LEVEL.

    -JS/Bimaowangzi/MR NOISY

    fallen @ 8:56 PM

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    Lol dunno what am I doing here. I am suppose to be studying my dreaded bio (so long sia , can die leh). Few days of exam passed and I am quite sure this time that last min study really bring me no where?

    Reason being:

    I am gonna fail my combined humanities for mid-year. Yes, I repeat gonna fail. Because of what... Because I lack of time. Why? Because of my laziness to start revision early.

    I dun think I doing well for my exams la. It definitely not my best I had to say.

    Then now i super demoralized after seeing the theater studies and drama (TSD) need at least b3 for Tampines jc and the Vjc cut-off point is 4 for the science stream leh. I cannot go arts will die de! What do you want me to take??? TSD, geography and history... then can choose only one maths or science subject sia. Must as well ask me go die.

    Which is why after mid-year, My engine is more than ready to roar. Going super nerd to achieve my goals and to not disappoint the people i loved.

    Jia You!!!

    fallen @ 8:31 PM

    Saturday, May 2, 2009

    Yeah I am here to finally grade this phone.
    Presenting you the ultra touch Gt-8300.
    (sorry for the lousy quality of the picture,
    it was taken using the webcam if you notice)

    Well... I actually wanted the C905 after i saw Shi Da's.
    I was surprise the handphones had went so far till the camera could match a digital camera's.
    Then, after taking some advice from my parent to check how others react to C905.

    Browsing... Searching... Reading...

    I came to a conclusion.
    C902 had the best camera in the handphone industry now that it does not lose out to a normal digital camera. (well that was expected from a Sony Ericsson Cybershot)


    "the ear piece speaker has packed up which, apparently, is a very, very common fault."
    "DO NOT BUY! I have had this phone 2 weeks it started to freeze. Then all of a sudden the speaker went. You answer a call & you can't hear a thing"

    I dun think i need to elaborate more.

    So I went Browsing... Searching... Reading... Again...

    Then I saw this very stylish phone with 8.0 megapixel (Zomg 0.1 Diff) plus it is a touch screen too. It had good reviews and show no signs of faultyness.

    And, that was how I ended up with this phone.
    As usual I went playing with my new phone, snapping pictures.

    Then next day, AHHH!! Where are all my pictures. All gone! Why! I sat there dumbfounded.
    It took me a while before i finally gave up thinking and continued snapping pictures.
    Then at night I tried to transfer to my IMac and Damn it cannot connect.
    Samsung is the most incompatible phone with a Mac. (Grr... I dunno that)
    Then I was stucked again.

    It was the first weekend, went to Dhoby Ghaut to check my phone. They updated my phone firmware and returned with my phone erased of data.

    Then went snapping pictures Again (Ya I know I a bit sot le)
    Next day "Memory card could not be detected"
    Wa Lao! Fed up lah.
    After school went to Woodlands this time.
    (cause the Samsung guy say go dhoby ghaut then thought there got nia but woodland also have)
    After intense interrogation with the girl working at Samsung (Me, Mum and Dad took turns)
    She finally said my memory card got problem and change a new one.

    Day by Day, The thought of the phone breaking down fade away.
    I started to love the phone bit by bit.
    Now the regretting part is over.
    Time to play with the phone,
    And make full use of it.

    Now lets see what I like about this phone after all the trouble.

    Stylish: Platinum Red (one of my favourite colour) greatly enhance the beauty of the phone. With the slide-up design, it make the phone somehow more classy but looks young.
    (haha I dunno how to explain sia)

    Appealing to my Interest: Well it had quite decent speaker, loud and clear just as I like.
    It had wide screen view which does not lose out much to an Iphone in terms of size.
    Which means it is great for movie hehe.
    The Camera definitely the best I had so far.
    Organized view at the start-up screen with many different widgets.
    Yes it have a keypad and touchscreen which means i do not have to worry about typing wrong stuff when I press a key which end up in few keys. The usual is still the best. Cheers for keypad.
    It is super slim and light for a slide camera phone too.

    Well my bro told me this when I was having a lot of trouble with the phone when I chose Iphone over GT-8300.
    "Stick with your choice then"

    Well I will stick with it, My choice, with no regrets but simply love it.

    Lol almost forgot to rate this phone.
    4.5 stars/5.0 stars
    (0.5 for the memory card problem and the sensitivity of the touchscreen could be better HEHE)

    For better look on the Phone please go...
    Well that was a long posts haha. Better go study le! Bye!

    fallen @ 7:22 PM

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Yeah so proud of myself today. I officially started my revision lol. Although it is late but at least I started leh.

    Spend whole day after school in the library with Yang. Study the chem halfway le. Not bad leh. saw the NCC Air guys studying in the library too. Everyone is working so hard cannot lose out.

    At night, went to had dinner with dennis. Then ended up doing physics together which was quite productive. I kind of like pair studying now.

    Well time to go CYA!

    P.S My msn is finally working! Woo Hoo!

    fallen @ 11:17 PM

    Friday, April 3, 2009

    Yes i love friday... Weekend is coming haha...

    Wahh the Oral today, I think i did okay for my reading but I suck at picture and conversation.

    Others might say, but u from drama club can act means can do oral what?
    Oral and acting different thing leh. Acting means throwing away myself and be someone else. I am always putting up a different personality each time I act loh. Then oral different de, it is interpreting and inferring and somemore it is examinations ahhh!!!

    Well I going off le. Hope to play badminton soon!

    fallen @ 5:53 PM

    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Finally it has all ended. I was expecting I would actually become more emotional or might break down or something but... I dun feel a thing.

    It just does not feel like a SYF Drama, it is more like a rehearsal to me. I dun feel a strong sense of fulfillment. Why? I dun feel sad or anything. I wonder how the other seniors feel.

    Even if I dun feel anything right now but I still had other stuff I want to say.

    Firstly, Miss Amy said before that I am an EMO boy, who can take on those characters with strong emotions and also ask me to continue to pursue it. Well it really felt very touching when said it, being recognized by your instructor in one of the happiest thing. Well, I dun intend to let this passion to be wasted, I will continue to act after I left Drama Club, I think.

    Secondly, even if I might look so neutral in the drama sessions but I love all of you. My happiest memories were shared with all of you. Even for the new sec 1s, I am glad to meet you all.

    Lastly, no matter what we get for SYF Drama, yeah, we had gave it our best shot. It was a fantastic performance. These cannot be done without everyone help, as Miss Lim kept emphasizing, is a group effort. Everyone has role to play, regardless of props, actors, backstage, lighting and sound. All did a excellent work.

    Now it is time for me to go full force on my studies(although there are some doubts lol). Lets just hope for the best during the day when the result is release.

    fallen @ 7:17 PM