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  • Thursday, March 29, 2007

    Just a yesterday i saw something very shocking on the web. I found out that I will need to sing a slow track and a fast track for my campus superstar. Never knew I have to sing a fast song at the so beginning of the audition. Anyway my song shall be jiu shi wo (J.J Lin Jun Jie) for the fast track and zhong lai (Li Sheng Jie). Need to practice on this two songs more especially zhong lai.

    During Drama Something bad or suay happen to me. Take a look at this!
    This is no pen mark! 100% real!

    I was siting in 2/3 classroom watching the sec 1 do their Drama. Then I saw max walking outside. Then I went over to sit on the table near the window and Down I Go! The table was spoiled. So I crashed down the floor. Ok la no big deal! Nothing bad happen to me except I spoil Ying Hui's fruits (sorry! Paiseh!). Then someone told me I was bleeding very badly and then I realized my leg was bleeding with a very long cut. Why I did not even feel any pain when I got cut? There will surely be a very long scar one loh. Disgusting! They say man. I don't see why they say so.

    fallen @ 9:40 PM

    Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    After school actually want to go to cut hair with Wei Kang cause the Miss Tan say my side too long. Actually i think it is still okay one loh. My Mum want to bring me to see the zhong yi doctor at Chinatown point so I did not go with Wei Kang.

    Take the 851 bus to Chinatown, my started to go crazy again. I started to feel very dizzy so I tried to sleep. By the time I reached there my whole body was so cold and my face was totally white. Quickly I went to see the doctor there.

    This is the zhong yi i went to see.

    These are the decoration outside. Very cute right! all toad loh.

    The doctor look very skill, he say my condition very bad cannot eat that cannot eat this......and so on. Anyway he got most it correct I think. He gave me some capsules and a bottle of syrup for 4 days.

    Later my father fetched us to the hairdresser. Went in saw the hairdresser holding a baby girl. She very cute leh, chubby cheek. Too bad I forgotten to take a photo of her.

    My new hairstyle!

    My mother kept telling the hairdresser my paiseh moment. Damn paiseh loh.

    fallen @ 4:37 PM

    Sunday, March 25, 2007

    For the last few years we did not celebrate my grandfather's Birthday leh. Then yesterday special got celebrate his birthday. Actually go there also nothing to do I brought the puzzle fighter 2 over there to play. Then take photo blah blah and of course eat the cake.

    Actually, yesterday is going to kbox with Beverley, Chloe, Sheryl and Wilson one. But due to some problems we are not able to go (paiseh). Never mind like they said we can always wait for some other time.

    fallen @ 9:08 AM

    Friday, March 23, 2007

    Today in school experience a very sad moment (this part I will not say who or why). I devoted my everything to her and she did this to me. That moment my heart really shattered and my tears started to well up my eyes. I cannot imagined how emotional i was (laughing while crying). Then the next moment i was down with sickness. I was so sick my smile has faded away.

    I knew how much she means to me now. I feels happy when I see her smile. I feels horrible when I see her suffering. It is like my emotion is linked to her. Whats love? This is love. I can sense it, I can feel it. I have finally understand it. Well I think I know what I should do next.

    fallen @ 4:14 PM

    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Today in school did the sticking of newspaper to the mask. Then I was late for my maths Olympian remedial. Luckily the the Madam waited for us. We learn about the index thingy which was quite chim but still okay.

    After that went home quickly to do my homework. Then Wilson told me he will not bother me anymore unless I asked him. I thought that was quite a good idea but he still called but not everyday. So glad he understand me. He is indeed a very good friend.

    Now still doing my powerpoint. So hard to do. Back to work.

    fallen @ 9:54 PM

    Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    Today in school wait for Miss Tan Chui Ling to change our place. Then I remained at my own seat unchanged. So happy sia no need to switch the table cover. Norman went to opposite side to sit forgotten who he sitting with who. Wei Chee had to sit beside me and Jiayu sit with Michelle. Wei Chee don't worry I will not try to make you angry one la. Jiayu and Michelle are like ya ba loh.

    I really should stop doing this. I am a bit sick of it already. I should stop my acting. Why must I act in front of her? Just because I have no courage? What crap I must be thinking. But if it does go my way, I will surely regret it. Have I already spoiled her impression to me? I just hope I have her understanding.

    fallen @ 4:41 PM

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    Today actually taking the neoprint photo with Wilson, Beverley, Sheryl and Chloe one but suddenly change to do homework at my house. On the way, Sheryl and Wei Kang don't know say what to Beverley and make her very angry and Chloe stay with her so they did not go my house. Beverley, even if they are a bit guo fen, don't want to see your relation with them to... you know.

    Then the rest go to my house to study but later we started to watch MTV and Yu Le Bai Fen Bei. The MTV kept playing the Mel new album, the song hear until sian loh. Later they went to check out my photos, super paiseh sia. So ugly they also want to see. We also watch Huang Han campus superstar audition on youtube. Okay, I think i blog enough le. Sai yo na na!

    fallen @ 7:46 PM

    Monday, March 19, 2007

    Came to school thinking this is good start for me. This when chloe started to play with max in class catching. Chloe tapped Max and try to turn back to run. Then i was suay suay behind her and she knocked onto me. Then whole class was like "Junsheng molested Chloe". Freaking shit loh i did not do anything leh. I innocent one ok.

    I not trying to tui xie ze ren la, okay maybe if i got fault i wasn't doing it with intention. I don't want to push all the fault to Max and Chloe la. Whether I have make a mistake or what, I want to say sorry to Chloe. I really wasn't intentional.

    Then after school Mr Chio help me get back my precious long time no see pencil box. So miss you(muack). Then later wait for drama but end up with no drama cause miss edward got close one in hospital. Then later Wilson come to our school but he is already in a rush to class. Although we know he was going to be late stopped him from going to class. Then later we(me, Wilson, Beverley and Sheryl) chat at near the pool table place. After a while the hod of mother tongue caught Wilson scolded him until Wilson diam. I am so sorry Wilson. So sorry. I think i shall end here.

    fallen @ 11:02 PM

    Today i went to celebrate my grandfather's birthday quite sian la. Go there eat and eat! Actually
    i thought the food there is quite lousy as the coffee shop look very small and deserted(got quite a few paople la). First course is the lobster with the honeydew. It is very delicious ,really help me kai wei loh. Then got the fish, the standard is so so la. Actually the first course is tao(a kind of bun that is pink). There is also roasted chicken which i cannot even touch. Got one dish is fried o with meat on top. the o taste very sweet so my family thought it is han zi(potato).

    After that i went to explore the place caught a picture of a stray cat.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    The eyes look very scary right.

    My naughty cousin went to scare the cat into the lift and the lift close the cat in it. Then when the door open it quickly sprinted out. Fast sia.

    fallen @ 8:22 PM

    Today went out to eat with my brother and future sister-in-law at the Pastamania.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Very nice decorated store. I like the design of it.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    The first course is the garlic bread. So nice! So soft! (Saliva dripping already)

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    The first one is mine, the second one is my bro one.

    The food there is heavenly must try! You know i advertise one must go try. I think these is the best pasta i ever try loh.

    fallen @ 8:18 PM

    Saturday, March 17, 2007

    Today actually went to support my friends, beverley and sheryl. When I and Huang Han reach Toa Payoh HDB Hub. There was like double the number of contestants compared to yesterday. They very kia su loh come so early. I pei fu their courage. Seems like girls more brave than boys leh(guys bulk up). But one thing, why you all like to do last minutes work. One 3 R photo do until so... Kena spamed the photo machine and Kodak.

    Then later saw Pornsak and he recognized us. He say i am the guy who have very heavy bi ying and say i almost never go in. I angry loh, he say until i like tyco go in one. How can so direct one. He pour cold water on me loh(all my confidence gone liao). He say Huang Han act cute and and act virgin(okay la this is the cam man say one). Make Huang Han became very ji dong. These kind of people like to talk crap sia.

    Since there are so many participants, those at the back are forced to come tomorrow afternoon. But sorry tomorrow cannot go liao very sian.

    fallen @ 12:45 PM

    Friday, March 16, 2007

    Today wake up at 6 plus very tired loh. I went to prepared myself and switch on the com to listen to Jie kou which my main song for my campus superstar audition. Then I went online on msn but no one online so when blogging. Blog very little la so I talk to Chin Ying through the sms. At least I will not feel so lonely.

    When I went there the time was 8 plus but the time we should arrive is 9 sharp. Take a look at the queue.
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Wa really long loh!

    I was standing alone so alone. Then later Norman came to accompany me. His new hairstyle style lo milo loh. The people then give us four packets of fruit juice to each person in the queue. Norman with me so he also get the gifts. There is also a fan. Lai de zhen zhou dao haha! The place is like oven loh. Later sheryl also come but she go at about 11 plus.

    While queuing I made a few friends from other schools.
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    This guy is Wilson Huang. We became very good friends maybe because we have the same interest. I tell you his singing damn zai one loh. I love his gao ying very much loh. He is just a number in front of me. 4569 is his number.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    This is my bian hao. 4570.

    Later we have a lunch break before our singing. Went eat lunch with Norman and Jiayu(he just arrived). It the sweet and sour fish rice damn song loh. Because very hungry, my stomach kept growling when queuing loh. After finish went outside saw Max in his red singlet very nice loh(show off his arm muscle leh).

    Then went back to queue with Wilson. Wilson's songs all got people sing loh then he very sian because they sing until kena shit(no offence) leave a bad impression to the judges. My jie kou only got one person sing la so not too bad. We actually wanted to get consecutive five green lights in a row(5 passes)(there was five of us). Then they all out I became very scared loh. I went out to greet the judges then one of them tell me to stand at the X mark. I was like very paiseh quickly shift to X mark. I sang the jie kou and I put all my emotion into it, recalling my last relationship. Then the judge called me to sing another song i was really glad because jie kou is not my best. I sang the Mu Nai Yi which all of you tell me it was zi sha. But I find myself confident in this song and sang with my smile. When the bell gone my heart was like stopped a second and when the green like flashes my legs go numb. Come down, pornsak congratulate me and tell me to relax the competition over already. Then went sigh up for the second competition and took a photo. When I come out went to hugged all my friends cause too happy.

    fallen @ 5:28 PM

    Yo guys! Those who can please go support me. So glad my sore throat is better now. Now very zhao ji loh. I been thinking why i been falling ill again and again. I think this is because i too nervous then got xin li zhuo yong. I must tried to get use to the excitement if i want to be better. anyway please go Toa payoh HDB Hub!

    fallen @ 6:57 AM

    Thursday, March 15, 2007

    Today my sore throat became worse than yesterday I think I most probably cannot participate. With this kind of voice do you even think I can past the audition but anyway I will be going to see how all the competitors are doing. I never felt so weak before, So VULNERABLE. It is just not my luck. Good luck, Sheryl! You will be our superwomen. Jiayou all the way!

    fallen @ 10:30 AM

    Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Yesterday I went to see doctor Lau about my sore throat, high fever, headache and dizziness (I think it was quite impossible at first for so many sickness to struck me. I am just glad I am still standing strong). I told him about my competition and he give me stronger medicine to help in my recovery. He seems to be hoping to see me in the competition.

    Today the fever gone down, no more dizziness but the headache and sore throat are still not eliminated. Wondering if I would recover so I can start my practicing again before CSS2. If I recover tomorrow I will go but if I still sick I think I will not go. If I don't go my let down my friends and family (this is starting to be like the drama lesson). Health or family and friends?
    Sheryl, you must jiayou with or without my presence!

    fallen @ 8:49 PM

    Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    Sorry for the late post. This post is for yesterday because yesterday too emo to write anything. The day started with me practicing my jie kou for my CSS with my brother. Everything is still all right this moment. I must improve la ying cause the timing not right. Oh I just remembered the first thing was actually I went to Mr chio's remedial(although i not suppose to be there).Bao hui kena scolded by Mr Chio for a long five minutes. Mr Chio gave us a break but Bao hui failed to come back in time by fifteen minutes. First time see Mr Chio so angry leh. Later Max ask me want go play badminton after the remedial which i agreed. Then comes the practicing part.

    I and max went to the chong pang cc together. When we reached there the Chloe tell us to go her house and meet the others(Simin and her netball senior shermaine and Wei kang actually). We then booked the only one hour free court left today which is Chloe also insisted. Then we reached Chloe's house she say meet at chong pang cc(wa lao! tricked us! freaking shit sia) We then went back to chong pang cc. On the way i and max suan chloe with her second name cat until she like diam. We went to mac to meet simin and sherman and have some refreshment. I must say sorry to Wei Kang cause i did not hear the phone ring so he end up not coming.

    After the badminton we went to chloe's house the second time. But this time i suddenly felt dizzy felt so weak so ask max guided me to Chloe house with his shoulder for support. When I reached there I immediately fall behind the sofa to rest while they start playing their Mahjong. After they played two to three games I regained my strength and come to watched them play but i got play a bit la.

    Next I went home which is when all the sickness shown their colours. I got caught with fever dizzy headache and sore throat. I started thinking about a lot of things mostly about the competitions. Then Emo thing struck me and my tears started to flood my room (the whole room became so wet loh). I afraid will lose my chance i don want to wait anymore. Lose never mind at least i got but i cannot don go.

    I think i elaborate enough i don want to continue anymore.

    fallen @ 5:28 PM

    Sunday, March 11, 2007

    This morning I went to chong pang to eat my lunch. Something that is still troubling me now happened. I was feeling very sleepy so i walk while sleeping(closing my eyes while walking, opening every 3 to 5 seconds). Then I accidentally knocked onto a aunty and she gave me a very fierce look as if i killed her family. I continued walking turned back about 6 seconds later she was still glaring at me. What did I do? I have guilty feeling in me but i does not even know what I did.

    Then went home to do my Maths homework. Walao damn difficult de loh! I kept doing it wrongly. How could this be happening to me! lolz! Too dramatic. Finally decided to ask mr chio tomorrow. Next i went to practice my jay chou's jie kou with Lin Jun Jie(my bro la) as my teach. I succeeded in getting the correct pitch of the song but i need to be more EMO. Hope i really can pass as this song is a bit hard but i am not going to change song anymore. I must Jiayou!

    At night i watched Tank's concert on Dong feng channel(another concert leh! So lucky!). His voice is very weird today leh a lot "e" sound leh. Maybe his mic got problem. He also invited ella as his guest. Ella gave him a flower and a surprise birthday cake. Just now another unfortunate event came in. I was moving towards the computer but accidentally(again) pull down the dining chair and my mum went ki siao and throw a series of scolding down my ears. Pain la! This is because it is still very new so my mum treat it like bao. Xin sai hou bang sai(hokkien phase use to describe new things are better to use)ma!

    Yup thats all i have for today. Oh ya need to thanks dorothy for helping me do the music thingy for my blogs:)

    fallen @ 10:42 PM

    Saturday, March 10, 2007

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    The present that i bought Norman(Hope he is not reading)

    Today I went to northpoint to buy norman present.(so sorry as it is late) I could not think of anything else so i bought this bracelet. The photo taken too badly sorry. It is round black tube-like with Norman's name on it. Any comment is appreciate.

    The rest of the day i was stuck at home cause i have no plan. Then something caught my attention on MTV. It was Rain performing live Rain coming although i do not understand wat he is singing his dance was impressive, quite different from ours. He did his dance so smoothly and his fans were like ki siao.

    Later i also found out that my voice has become much better which regain my confidence for the audition(campus superstar).I really hope i can pass the audition. My first song will be jie kou this is somewhat related to yesterday.Please support me all the WAYYYY!!!

    fallen @ 10:50 PM

    Friday, March 9, 2007

    I just went to find Jordon and passed the present to pam at her house but pam was with Jordon why so qiao. Then we went to her house to talk, there is huge set of tropies lined up the bed.(powderful leh) We listened to her play piano and the piano song she played seems to be a very basic one. Then she took out a few of her large collection of photo albums all named with different period. She looks so cute when she was young and she is no different from last time. Lol!

    When I reached home, i kena scolded by my brother for not informing anyone about where i had gone. He even said i lied to him when i accidentally say the wrong time. Walao!(Sean's trademark) Freaking Shit! Now my mood a bit better.

    fallen @ 11:20 PM

    Today damn fun sia. After the boring school we went to watch the north zone netball tournament final, although we suffer a great a defeat but at least better than having no goals at all. First three quarter of the game we were nil to them. The netball coach kept shouting at the netballers. Poor girls! The coach should be more understand even if we did lose quite a few chances. Last quarter we scored three goals, the first was welcome with deafening Hooraying so was the others.

    Later we went to eat at Khatib central 848. Actually wanted to introduce them some very nice dishes but the food was terrible today.(paiseh guys) The noodle was damn hard and the bai rojak was too sour. These spoit my food gourmet de xing xiang.

    Next max, norman, Juncheng and annabelle went to my house while WeiKang went home. First we played the Burnout revenge. The max really good in the game, norman and I lost to him. Then we switched to singing cause Juncheng don't want to play racing game. At first everyone don't one to sing and kept calling me to sing but I clever take norman favourite song Ju Hua Tai and force him to sing. Annabelle started to become very Emo upon hearing the few phases of the song which is i sang one.(Not trying to hao lian) She started to cry, I don't know what happened to her later, she just pack up and left. We switch to sing outside as my room only have one mic and the audio is damn freaking soft. Everyone of us started to dump our shyness away and become very Emo in singing especially Jie Kou. We sang till 6 plus and we got a few zao siang but it very enjoyable.

    Later ten plus got something very important to do. I will tell you later. SeeYa!

    fallen @ 6:51 PM

    Thursday, March 8, 2007

    Today Suay Suay selected to go to the symphony pond very sian loh! Go there see fishes, tortoises and ducks only the water is in a very disgusting state worse than aaron's mucus leh! Haha
    ! The student leader got suan dao siao loh. The girls(beverley, wei chee, chloe) keep bullying him, poor guy. Suo yi girls are very dangerous creature they when ren duo will gang up on you. The girls don't know do wat with the pail drop into the pond and they got it out by attaching the stick with the string and pull the the string of the other pail to pull it back. Super exciting loh should have took a video. The gay sahran actually answered he is a girl when we ask him you girl or boy. Super dump sia. If i were him i will dig one hole for myself to hide. When going back that time Weikang went to use my phone and he accidentally reset my game! arghhhhh!!! Why am I so suay! i play so long leh but now no point crying over spilled milk.

    fallen @ 7:19 PM