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  • Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Learning journey and camps are officially finished. The last day, the most sian of all day although not entirely. We had so many career talks but none of them is arts. Accountancy is like so sian cannot believe I actually considered it before. But I had awaken, I shall aim full force for my theatre studies and drama. 

    Wondered if all engineers and architects had weird laughter. Those we met today had some contagious laugh that send the whole "class" laughing. Maybe I should learn a bit... HAHA...

    fallen @ 3:20 PM

    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    Although today topic is drama but I still felt very sleepy. Probably I did not have enough sleep, well anyway today started with some powerpoint slides from Mrs Ismail then Mr Siva. I dun remember a single shit of what she said, dun bother remember anyway. Mr Siva shared with us his secondary school and JC Drama leadership experience. I agreed a good actor might not be a good director, directing and acting is so different.

    Next, the cake production took over. Miss or Mrs Natalie (I dun remember too) shared with us a few plays and one of them is Antigone!!! Zomg I can sense Felicia laughing from afar. Well Drama business. Anyway there was another guy call Fared. He is a designer and had shown us quite a few interesting artworks. The one I like most is the multimedia one, so nice sia! It must had used a lot of time but it sure pay off.

    Finally we left for our classroom after sitting in the hall for dunno how long? *back aching* In class, we were suppose to watch the play called "nothing" but once again there is no sound. Why my class so weird de, I mean we often lose our brooms, dustpans and blah blah... now sound wire... So Max and mdm Ananatha went down take the sound wire. In the end wasted dunno how many mins.

    Here comes the play we been waiting for after all those troubles. But after a few mins, more than half the class fall asleep lols. What a effective lullaby! I dun really understand the play haiz... What a play...

    After our recess, we watch our last year class drama again! As usual large applause for "Mr Lee". LOLs Then we went on assigning roles for the script and so on. After school I had lunch with Yang and went to Northpoint to get some stuffs.

    fallen @ 8:58 PM

    Monday, January 19, 2009

    Met Yang at the bus stop at 7 am and reach school about 7 25 am. As we were buying food and Mr Siva was scolding some of the sec 4s asking them to leave the canteen. Hmmm... we were thinking of what they did that offend Mr Siva but continue buying the food. After that we settle down on a table. Just right after I put one scoop of fried rice in my mouth, someone shouted,"Boys! Why are you still eating? You are late for for your pledge taking." No wonder Mr Siva was shouting at the other sec 4 boys but why didn't he ask us to go too. Make me had to pour away my 2 dollar breakfast grrr... Yang just said,"就算拿来党灾吧!". Well whats done is done, just hope I won't repeat the mistake. AWW... my breakfast...

    Then we went to different schools of NYP, some of it interesting but some are very Sianzzz... But I do not want to go to polytechnic. I had made it very clear that there is only one school I really... want to go. VJC!!! I will work hard for it. Well time to go study le.

    fallen @ 2:22 PM

    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    Went to celebrate BENSON's birthday today. I am so sorry i forgot to bring ur present (awww 9 ppl are going to kill me) but i promise to bring on thursday. So me, shi da, birthday boy and his fren went lan to play for 4 hours!!! We played dota and L4D (before playing shi da was like dun leave a damn about that game then after trying he was wow must go get the game).

    Then we went to meet up with the rest of the boys and head to benson's house. Along the way i was telling Wei Sheng," ZOMG this is bad later went to play yu gi oh again (which is damn boring for me and Wei Sheng cause we dun understand)". All we could do was pray hard lols. 

    So at the house we were welcome with a 400 plus buffet ZOMG. Never knew a buffet can cause so much and the taste did match the cost it was excellent, I had 4 servings hehe... Well I am really hungry. After that we played some mahjong and head for some cake. Here are some photos before we left.

    Quan Jia Fu!!
    Dennis at work.
    I dun feel like eating but anyone in for a game?
    ERRR random pics hehe...
    Like brothers huh?
    AHHH! Help me! *cough*
    Going down!! haha!

    Once again Happy birthday Benson!

    fallen @ 11:15 PM