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  • Sunday, August 24, 2008

    Day 1 (friday)

    Went to help out for the firework festival. Guess what I had to do? Stay at the information booth. Do what then? Sell MOUTHPIECE with multi-colour so it will be flashing brightly through your teeth. Something more ridiculous is that it causes 6 dollars... haiz... In addition, I am the one wearing as a model. I cannot remember how many time I went to toilet because of the mouthpiece. It is so painful to wear lah. See the food want to eat also cannot as need to flash my new "denture". At the end of the day, we only sell 26 plus. So pathetic right! Tell you one secret maybe not so secret. I actually thought that my IC, a girl was a malay because of her skin colour looks quite tan. Until I heard her speak chinese, then I realized my mistake. Wonder how she react when she know about this lol!

    Day 2 (saturday)

    Hooray no more denture for me. Now guess who is the new victim. Yes it is Amanda Han. Well at least she managed better than me. She went less trips to the toilet and can talk much clearer while wearing it. Today seems like the opposite of yesterday. Check out the new cost. It is now 2 dollars. Cheap right! 6 dollars like crazy. coincidently, my mood also turn upside down. I became super enthusiastic and really gave it my best to sell everything. I feel so proud of myself. By the way I found out the "malay mistaking girl" 's name is Brenda. As I was saying, I shout and shout,"Mouthpiece just for 2dollars ...". That sure was tiring. In the end the result was really pleasing. I bet we did much better than anyone else but still we cannot be complacent. Well I am really beat-up, need my rest. good night!

    fallen @ 12:49 AM