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  • Friday, August 17, 2007

    Omg I am so happy today. So much things happen today. Let me start with the first one.

    So after challenging Amos I manage improve my chinese unexpectedly. At first was like so scary because I not sure if my cloze passage is good a not as it is very different from Amos and Liu Lao Shi kept dragging it making me more and more nervous. I was like so scared that he will win me lol! I feel so Kiasu. Part of the reason is also to win Wei Chee and Grace. Grace kept saying must challenge Ka Wai but I don't care la.

    Now let me see the second one.

    I finally got full marks again for Maths. It has been so long since I got myself a full marks. There is always some careless mistake one but surprisingly not this time. So much thanks to Mr Chio. Thanks for bringing me out of the darkness.

    Lastly the most exciting one.

    YAY MAN! It is inter-class volleyball! So long did not play but I am very happy I can keep up. One thing I most happy is I finally learn to serve the ball properly. Thanks to Jiayu and Norman for teaching me. I also need to thanks Jun Wei for lending me his shirt. Bao Hui, Norman and Yong Han for assisting me in digging. Lastly Junhao and Max for cheering me up. Oh ya also the supporters, ever so encouraging. Just love 2/4, so compassionate.

    fallen @ 8:39 PM

    Thursday, August 2, 2007

    Today we had our inter-class soccer which I think we did quite well even if we did not qualify to the next round. We just need to brush up on our kickings. Like Mr Ling said this is a competition in which we find who is the better team. I am sure there is better team. So what if we lose, we learn from our mistake and turn them to our advantage. Everyone played an important part in the competition and we admit defeat to the better team.

    fallen @ 9:15 PM

    Wednesday, August 1, 2007

    Kill yes Kill! Die! Feel so light now! All thanks to Mr Chio for encouraging me. Feel so stress up for the pass few days while juggling my HOMEWORK (including other stuff). Being two reps is really not very easy especially if you really want to lighten your teachers burden but it got so heavy for me and I can hardly breathe.

    Mr Chio damn pro de loh. slowly rise to number 1 of the school. But being no. 1 really is not easy because you are 1 or 2 levels above the others and have less support. I can never be no. 1 or else I will fall very hard. It is not about formula in mathematics, it is about solving the problems. I totally agree with this man.

    Mr Chio seem to be very observant as he understand almost everyone ability and weakness. I am quite impress about that. Anyway I must learn from him, play hard to kill the stress away but time management is important. Now prepare to die Stress!

    fallen @ 11:52 PM