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  • Friday, June 29, 2007

    Stupid la cannot play Dota with max they all in Hamachi. Sickening! Why you all did not update? (relax...) Hmph! Enough of that I must not go angry over games. In Fact I must be Happy cause I got the new J.J Lin Jun Jie's Album "Xi Jie". U rock man J.J.

    Today after school went to eat at Sumo house. Jun Cheng was with us cause his buddies went to the wedding but he don't want to go so follow us.
    Guess who is hiding? Coke Light! Is it really LIGHT! What is that, vomit? Or 2.90? Such luxurious! So much!

    fallen @ 11:30 PM

    Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Finally found a new skin. Been wanting to change that skin long time ago. Oh, anyone wants to go KBOX please message me. I think should be going at youth day that is Monday. I will need 2 to 3 more.

    fallen @ 10:57 PM

    Friday, June 8, 2007

    Hi Hi I am back! 3 days 2 nights at Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, The combined clubs and societies camp. So much things happened during the three days.

    Day 1

    We were separated into different groups. There 7 groups in total and I was in group 3. Our group consist of me, Ka Chun (not sure spelled correctly but we call him chicken little), Jun Xing, Jun Rui, Zi Xiang, Yin Kiat, Hui Lin, Si Jing, Xuan Ting. Then we have the ice breaker games. The objective is to complete all the games and return to starting point as fast as possible. The first game we had was flipping the mat. The rules are we are to stand on the mat and try to flip it to the other side with our legs. If you touches the ground you lose and you have to complete within a fixed time. Losers will have to do a forfeit. We tried so long to flip the mat but Jun Xing fall on his butt. We did the forfeit which looks much faster than the game. We had to memorize each members' name and the person will test us. Next we went to play the transferring of messages. We have to line up one line and the person will tell the person in front a sentence and the first will whisper to the second the sentence and so on. After the last person was told, the last person will have to come to the front to tell the person the sentence. After that I don't remember the order. We did a game that is we have to arrange ourselves on the bench according to our height without falling down the bench. This game we did a forfeit that is to finish the 1.5 litre of water within the whole group. We did cheat a little. First we Drink a big gulp of water and let the rest flow out of our mouth So we waste more water than we drank. LOL! Another game was to blow and burst balloons. We each had to blow a balloon and burst it after we tied it one by one. Jun Xing did all the bursting of the balloons. Some of the balloons did not burst only the air leak out and Jun Xing pulls the balloon apart. We also had a game called "PONG" or something like that. We are to spin around the cone 10 rounds and carry the ping pong ball in the spoon with the mouth and transferred to the person at other side. After 10 rounds you will be damn dizzy so very difficult to move without dropping. We also did a game that we have to figured out what our teammate is trying to tell us through acting without talking. Jun Xing used some of the letters written on the board to tell us. We are the fourth to complete the ice breaker games. We got some extra points for being first to settle down. LOL!
    After that we went to our bunks to put our stuffs. Then we go for the video editing training. After that we went to have our dinner, fried rice and hot milo. Then we went to bath. Later we were told about the campfire performance. Each group has to create a play or something. We decided on the mime (a act that uses no dialogs, only actions). We acted our play to the teachers and we got first for the play. Woohoo! Then we have some biscuits for supper before going to bed.

    Day 2

    I did not have a very good sleep. At first I tried to sleep on the teacher's table but later got afraid of falling down due to the size of the table and height of it. Then switched to the ground and slept. I did woke up a couple of times. Then we went to do some warm-up at the hall. Then we have Kaya with butter bread as breakfast. Then went to the library to hear about the scavenger hunt. Again there is a lot of stations but around Ang Mo Kio. We are not suppose to use any transport or crossing the road without pedestrian crossing if not we are disqualified. There will be a clue to guide you to your next location our first location is in school. The clue state that a place where latecomers will be fined. We quickily rush to a few places before getting it correct guess where is it? The Library! We quickily rushed there and we had to do the two Sudoku in order to get our next clue. We stayed there bloody long before finishing. The next location is sandwiched between the FC. Guess where is it? Think what is FC. It is near the market. There we are suppose to do a few interview with a few people to support the title "Coffeeshop talk". Then we went to a temple. This time we had to read a poem (one English and two Chinese) in pairs. I read the English one with Yin Kiat while Jun Xing and Zi Xiang read the Chinese one and Hui Ling and Xuan Ting did the other Chinese one. Then we went to Bishan Park 1. We are to find where the photo of different parts of Bishan Park 1 can be found and take similar photo. I took the cyclist and 2600m sign. Then we went back to school to the Biology lab. We are to the back of index finger to bring the stick down to the floor together. At first we had some difficulties as we did not have any strategy. Then we went to outside the counselor room. This time we are to create a cheer and cheer in front of him but he must not hear this before. We finished 2nd in the end. After the game we prepare for tonight campfire performance. We decided to combined the groups together. Then we went to eat lunch and do some wash-up. We had Bee Hoon for lunch by the way. Next is actually doing video editing but the program don't allowed so we end up doing our own things. Later we went to practiced the for the performance. We had group 2,3,4 together and 1,5,6,7 together. After that we did a final rehearsal and went to have Dinner. Then we went for the campfire. We did the performance and was very proud of it. We continued to cheer and cheer. After that we went to AVA room to have instant noodles as suppers and watching the movie "Nanny McPhee". Damn nice sia! After that went to bath and Lights out.

    Day 3

    Today I woke up really late. I was the last to wake up at 7.01am. As usual we had the warm up thingy. Then breakfast with instant noodles and Kaya with butter bread. After that we started to packed up and clean the bunks. Then we watch the videos that we had taken. Lastly we got the results and Group 3 was the Champion. WooHoo!

    fallen @ 12:27 PM