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  • Monday, September 15, 2008

    What kind of day is today? Definitely not a normal Monday. Why don't you all read and tell me?

    Woke up at 7 30 am. Z0MG! I thought I slept quite early but it looks like I am really beat up. I had only just woke up at the call from Ying Hui(looks like my ringtone is louder than my alarm), I did not even hear my alarm clock ringing. WTF!!

    I took my time to come to school since I am already late. I actually wanted to go have my breakfast before coming but I felt bad enough to be late so better not 得寸进尺(go too far aboard. Sorry my translation really sucky!).

    When I reach school, it was around 8 30. Mr Ong was at the foyer with a class doing warm-up. I am glad that he did not stop me to ask my reason for being late. PHEW! However when I reached the general office I met Miss Ng. Her face was ??? when she saw me(why are you so late?). I just briefly answered I was late because of working overnight for my homework. After I took my green slip and head off to my classroom without anymore special incidents.

    Ahhh... They are having comprehension practices and everyone had their tables separated. Well same question from Mrs Hairul(Why are you late?). I heard someone said that,"Junsheng, you don't want to take pledge, say la!" LoLs. At the end of the lesson, I only completed half of my paper. Luckily Mrs Hairul gave me more time.

    Finally the school service, guess what is it. Carry chair from dream studio to 5b to arrange then to the hall storage room. there is quite a lot of chairs loh then only 3 of us, me alex and someone from sec 4 i think. after carrying a bit down to the hall we were all tired so I suggested to go borrow trolley.

    When we ask for trolley they all say dun have zzz but in actual fact store 4 and 6 have loh. I think they scared we damage it. Then we ask the cleaner in the canteen see who have trolley and she brought ask to find the uncle whom we sometime see around. He was reluctant to lend at first because just a few days ago his trolley was badly damaged after lending someone. However after my repeated assurance and persuade, we finally got the trolley. Yeah!

    With the trolley and our strength we managed to conquer the problem lol. It would been longer if we had not used the trolley. Finished, there we are all sweating and the trolley returned to the so relieved and glad uncle.

    When I reached Khatib MRT that bus stop. Something very intriguing happened. A quite old uncle with a bit walking disability wanted to alight ask the bus driver to stop nearer the bus stop meaning the door of the bus near the pavement. When the driver stop the bus slightly inaccurately the commotion begin.

    Pardon I am trying very hard to recall what they said(everything was said in hokkien). Also the thing i wrote may not be the same like those vulgarity he use I am substituting with others for some.

    Walao I tell you to stop closer you stop so far. Lan jiao la. You got a heart a not( if Mr toh was there he will say, of course he got, without one he won't be able to drive the bus), a old man like me cannot walk properly, you still stop so far Kan ni na bu.

    Then the driver started talk back blab blab.... I could not recall what they said but was really huge commotion. Then he cannot take it close the door and drive away(the old man alighted already only standing there scolding the driver.

    Something even funnier is that the driver started to complain another driver on the other bus which is side by side. then driving also can talk damn kao siao but also a bit dangerous cause the driver not focusing(luckily I alighting the next stop).

    fallen @ 4:06 PM