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  • Sunday, May 27, 2007

    Finally back in shape I am so relieved that there is no more sickness. Today I went to Jurong's Fuji Ice Palace to iceskate. Well another first time with my brother. My first pool is also with my brother and many more. Oh also my first time to Jurong. Haha, I like never go out before. There are six of us me, bro, Sharon jie jie, her 3 sisters. Quite a group huh. Wear the blade, damn heavy loh. So not use to it. Then went out skating or is it. I was holding on to the railing all the time until my bro teach me then I try to skate. It took me a few tries took get the hang of it. Now at least I can skate for a good distance. I did fall down once but fall front still okay.

    fallen @ 7:35 PM

    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    Actually wanted to go school today as today getting the report book and report slip. Yesterday, I chose not to go even if my fever has gone down a bit. Today, 9 plus found out my fever has gone up again. Damn la! Rise up three times time liao. Why I can't I just break free from the clutches of the sickness? They are going to devour me soon. I don't know how long I can last already. This is like a endless battle or are they trying to stop me from doing something. Well I am not going to stop by some stupid sickness and some crumple piece of paper (I tore it up already so don ask me what is written on it or wat). Wonder all this is a test or is it torture for me for doing something wrong in the past? Well need to rest, must have enough energy to work.

    fallen @ 9:53 AM

    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    After days and days of suspension, I can finally Blog! YAY! Kind of forgotten what to blog. Lolz! One thing I want to blog about is the MYE has ended. Hooray! I have to work my plan from now on. Everything seems to be fine. Well that day will come. Just a bit more. Anyway I got quite a lot of nice albums. Damn nice to listen!

    fallen @ 9:31 PM