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  • Sunday, May 18, 2008

    Yeah Yeah my blog is so so dead. No mood to blog at all and super lazy to blog anyway. Well another recalling to do for the past three months!!!!

    Oh yeah there is the OM (Odyssey of the mind). Fun like last year but we are missing out Mr Ramesh cause a fews days before that he just left the school and that was really sad though I dun really enjoy his torturing. We send out two teams, one sec 2 team and one sec 3 if I am correct.
    At School 
    Under preparation for sec 2 teams
    Nah this is not the worse!
    Now this is what I call 见鬼
    Painting of Issac face
    Completed Face
    This is our golden boy of the year!
    Sec 3 team undergoing final preparation
    The two jokers
    Again its them but blurrish
    Up and high
    Undergoing judging

    Then there is also the MYE. Quite satisfied with all my sciences but not my maths. Freaking lousy haizz... so is my geo, was expecting A at least. Surprisingly pass my english paper 2 when a lot of people failed. Chinese did badly too, only 60 marks bloody hell sia!

    Currently working on my nomads. Going full force in Drama then later still got the story in our town nomad. agghhh going to be very busy! Thats all gtg.

    fallen @ 12:47 PM