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  • Sunday, August 2, 2009

    Yeah I won my first ever risk game lols. So cool! I got so addicted to playing to playing risk HAHA. I played on my dad's iphone on facebook called ATTACK. Seeking any possible machine that can play risk. Anyway that strategy tried was quite risky but luckily it somehow work.

    I was playing on the one of the smaller continent, South America. While the large army of BLACK and ORANGE was at war I was slowly building my BLUE army. At the same time I am at war with purple while maintaining good terms with red which was just beside me. After quite a while I manage to decimate PURPLE to a tiny bit but was unable to finish it in the same turn. Then the large army of ORANGE suddenly come KS PURPLE from me and occupy the Africa. I wasn't really that mad but happy that I manage to hold of ORANGE army. Due to PURPLE defeat ORANGE army got bigger but BLACK was doing well fortunately. Then RED left the game after being constantly harass by orange massive army at North America and eventually fall. ME? I maintain neutral occasionally attacking to weaker country. Yeah I know I was a coward. Then I found the correct moment to strike.

    1. I had amass a huge army of 50 in the North.
    2. East was garrison by my 20 army
    3. Both BLACK and ORANGE exhausted their secret weapons (risk cards to gain massive army)
    4. I will be able to continue the rampage next turn with traded risk cards
    5. Lastly, erm I dunno leh HAHA... They gonna die?

    So with the 50 army at North of South America, I send 30 to the North to conquer the North America continent and attack eastwards to occupy half of Europe while the 20 block the west of North America. Then I cease my assault. Since their concentrated army are too far from my Blue Army They could do nothing but wait for their annihilation, HAHA. When it is my turn, I launch a Full-Scale ATTACK at them. I traded my cards for 50+ or more I think. I position 30 at the East of South America which adds up to 50 and the rest at Europe. I send both teams of BLUE eastwards once again. It wasn't long before I conquered Europe (From Orange) and Africa (From Black). It did not end here, I had no time to waste as they might trade to gain even more army if I rest for a turn. I took my chance, sending forth my 'East of South America' army to conquer the remaining Orange army at Oceania. After killing Orange, I gain 60 more army. You should know what happen. Yeah I finish Black too. 2 Players in one turn so cool.

    Wow that was long. I had good memory HAHA. Now, I finish what I wanted to do so it is time to prepare for the EXAM. Hopefully EXAM was as smooth as that match. Good luck to all for your EXAM regardless of PSLE, O'LEVEL or even A'LEVEL.

    -JS/Bimaowangzi/MR NOISY

    fallen @ 8:56 PM