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  • Friday, September 21, 2007

    So freaking high today! After school go find liu lao shi. I went to hall with him and we started on some decorating. A while later chong xi, felicia and jyun yir came. I started with the decorating of the bulbs on the metal thingy. We were not able to bring the whole thing up in the air as the extension could not worked. Then we did the hanging of some red diamond-shaped stuffs on the fans with riddles. I could not understand any riddle sia, all so hard. at this time amos and juncheng had come to help. I find myself very useless with cutting things. liu lao shi hand is very agile. he work on the decoration very fast.

    Later we hanged the decoration on the back of the hall but from the next floor. We were making use of the pulley theory to transport things. It was quite scary when I had to use the ladder as it is quite unstable.

    Sat at the back, then mr chio come talk to me about the AVA club. There is also this motto of theirs: first to come, last to go. Cool right! anyone go join AVA club plz go talk to mr chio.

    At night was the performance. The poetry reciting was quite well done as i not so nervous. Then later was the singing part which I got some errors but managed the song well to produced good results. Thanks you guys for accompanying me, you are a big help.

    fallen @ 11:32 PM

    Thursday, September 13, 2007

    I feel so much change in me. Somehow I am changing to be more arrogant and irritating. Many things have happen. Is this me the future me? No no, I will let this happen if not I am going to lose my last few supports.

    Anyway today does not have a lot of interesting for me to blog about. During PE lesson, we played rugby it was not the bad game since it is the first time I am playing. Mr Ong I know I very sua gu. I learn to pass like the topedo but I cannot use it in the game, don know why. It seem very difficult to use it that fast. For the group of 4 versus 4 matches. The Shi Zheng kept landing physical injury on me. Shi Zheng, although u not very heavy but I also not very strong so stop jumping on me le.

    fallen @ 8:36 PM

    Sunday, September 9, 2007

    Been so so long since I last post. Nope I was not really busy just lazy to blog and tag lol. I slacked very hard during the holidays so now is I am going NERD till the end of EXAM. Luckily I managed to finish most of my holiday HW except science paper.

    Ahh! too long never blog I just can't seem to form anymore words. This post ends here then.

    fallen @ 9:39 PM