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  • Monday, April 30, 2007

    Today in school, they settle the Problem with Beverley. Who are the we? They are Jiayu, Max, Juncheng, Norman, Simin, Liko and the 4/3 people. So many people loh. Samuel from 4/3 damn pro sia. Say until Beverley almost out of form. I am quite impress with Beverley stubbornness, although I don't like Beverley attitude very much but her perseverance is zhi de pei fu de. Samuel's words have a lot of logic and a few chim chim words.

    Later went to eat with Amos and Norman, at the renovated coffee shop. Then went to Amos's house to play Bleach. Damn nice loh the game. I like the dashing move, remind me of dragonball z. I never new there was such a nice game. After that went home with Jiayu.

    fallen @ 7:46 PM

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    Today in school I and Wei Kang bluff Jeremy that Wei Kang got go run the 2.4.

    J: You got go run the 2.4 yesterday?
    WK: Got la. I run 15 mins leh!
    J: Really or not?
    JS: Ya lah. He leave me walk home alone.
    J: Walao why you go run. Die liao later Mr Ong come find me.

    Jeremy only know when Sean tell him. Damn Stupid sia.

    After school Wei Kang, Sheryl and Chloe come my house study. Then later they started asking who I like. I accidentally let out a very big clue and they found out. ( Dorothy, you do not need to hide for me liao) Then we started pouring out our past experience about the relationship. We got so in to it loh. Near 7 I send them home.

    fallen @ 8:55 PM

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    Aha so long didn't blog liao. Thought never get the chance to blog liao. Just now my brother GF become very angry when I try to correct the format of the 私函。 I kena got scolded because their format different from our school one. This is not the first time she lost her temper on me. I wanted to shout back but seeing my poor brother desperately trying to cool her down. I lost will to shout back. I understand she have a lot pressure and get fire up easily. If I add more oil to the fire, my
    brother will surely have a hard time. I decided to sacrifice myself, bear the anger. I wonder how the students make her so work up?

    fallen @ 10:07 PM

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Monday, 16 April 2007

    Today was SYF for DRAMA, but we have to wait till 10am to leave the class to prepare. At the Flag- raising ceremony, Miss Tan Chui Ling, Miss Tan Bao Fen and Mr Chio Kah Leong were announced absent. At that time I wish SYF is on another day waste my SSRP. Xuete!

    First 2 periods of the day, had our PE Lesson. Today got 2.4 km RUN. Scary loh. I like the way they conduct the Run. So Cool the system! I ran the 4 rounds without stopping. Somemore I maintain the constant speed throughout the run. I found out I got 11+ for it. Halfway through chinese class went for SYF. Then the same old process which I am sick of repeating. Anyway the play was quite successful. Saw Miss Faith at Hwa Chong. Oh ya, I just remembered I was in charge of carrying the mirror (Mr Ramesh's) so must be careful.

    Tuesday, 17 April 2007

    Today very sian no SSRP. Thought today also can rest but got lesson. Today, during the science lesson they kept playing with the saliva. YUCK! Shi Zheng's one. Yuck! Beverley kept screaming when Qing Hua was playing with the saliva. Jeremy also dee siaoing Beverley thats why she come sit beside me. Why are there so many jokers?

    Wednesday, 18 April 2007

    Today heard that Choir SYF got Silver. Don't regret, Whats done is done. Cheer up! Found out that a new pair of couples is born. Today on way back home with Wei Kang saw Mr Goh. Wei Kang say Hello to him, his face suddenly turns very smiley like no one has greeted him before. I discussed about the IMPORTANT thing today and so did Norman and me. Don't ask me what is the thing cause I will not answer that crap question.

    fallen @ 8:47 PM

    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    Yesterday I went to Anglo Chinese School (independent) for the OM event. We (Drama Members) were suppose to assemble in school at 6 40 am and I arrived at 6 20 am (yawn). When I arrived, I saw the OM participants at the foyer with their props already. Mr Siva was giving them instructions. The next to arrived are Michelle and Benson. When we board the bus Mei Yen then come.

    When we reached ACS, everybody was so fascinated by the size of it. We went to the auditorium to watch our school which was the first to performed (Yin Kiat batch). They acted the cockroaches thingy quite funny lah. At least they have very little pauses. Yin Kiat tried to use the spray for as the pesticides but nothing was sprayed out funny sia. With me around he will never get it right (I am his jinx). Then was the New town secondary school. I don't understand the story very well. I remembered they dance the 洗刷刷 very well.

    Then Mei Yen brought the hungry secondary ones to eat at the canteen while we followed Mr Ramesh to other block. The garden was very beautiful.
    Then still got the very power packed toilet and I mean PACKED.
    It lies inside!
    Then went to LT 2 very big loh. Take a look:
    We watched a few performance I like the Fuchun Primary School the most. They have a lot story characters: Snow White, Pig from Three little pigs and somemore... Their most funny character was from Starwars. I also like the fire effect. Got one team from Jurong primary did so badly and I was telling Mr Ramesh. He told me something very inspiring. If you look at the bad points, they will surely overwhelmed the good points. That was what he said. I reflected on what he said and it really sound truth. I also found Mr Ramesh very helpful and caring.
    Mr Ramesh helping the student carry the props upon seeing him with difficulties (Super Ramesh to the rescued)

    Did you know their many times larger than their auditorium with chairs and super cold air-con?
    So beautiful and cooling!

    We went to eat at the canteen. Their Canteen also have air-con leh. Their services and food was also excellent. It is like a dream school so well equipped. Their soccer field was made of plastic grass so nice. OMG, how many praises have I gave to that school? Then met up with the others and went to Lt 2 to wait for our second team. I was put in charge to take care of the Sec ones. They kept wanted to go home but I could not just let them go home without Mr Ramesh permission. I hold that back for so long and don't know when they will just break through. Then The judge called everyone out because they wanted to discussed something. So I leaded them down to find Mr Ramesh. I told him about the Sec ones wanting to go home. He told them "No one is to leave. If you leave, you are no longer in Drama Club. I will make Drama Club a slack CCA." They then all quiet down. Mr Ramesh is really good at this. He did not even express much anger or any. Then Madam Thong and Mr Tan arrived and we went in to watch the performance. When our team came in, I stood up leaded the cheer. "3 cheers and 3 cheers and 3 cheers for AMK! Hip Hip! Hooray! Hip Hip! Hooray! HIP HIP! HOORAY!" The team did their performance very well and we are very proud. We are unable to watch the last team but it was okay. Then we went back to Ang Mo Kio in bus 74. On the we sang and talk about some games. I went to AMK Hub's food court to eat. Then went to Shi Da's house to play. We played Dynasty warrior 4 and NFS Most Wanted. Back at home I change my handphone from black to white. I just love white, yellow and orange.

    fallen @ 2:30 PM

    Friday, April 13, 2007

    Today after school went to have my Chinese oral taken. The reading damn difficult sia. She ask about the slimming thingy. Luckily I got an example in my family if not I will not know what to say. Hope my conversation can pull up my oral.

    Then went to do my mask. Take a look:

    Actually very dull one, only paint. But look at it now it looks so nice, so colourful, so attractive. This is all thanks to Miss Tay. To all her patience her creativity that turn my art into a masterpiece. She is indeed an excellent art teacher.

    After that went to drama club. We paint the stupid screen from white to red. Last time we paint it white now we have to paint all over again sian. Take a look at the sec 1 boys' hand:
    Looks like they just murdered someone! Haha! They have such a hard time washing off the paint so pity them. Good luck with the washing. Haha! At 6 plus, we carry the almost dried screen into the PE room. Then went home with Chloe and Janete (sorry if I spelt wrongly) by bus.

    fallen @ 9:42 PM

    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    Today 11 am went to the foyer for drama club. Wah! So sad, miss my IAP lessons. Now I got no time to finish my mask and miss one my favourite lesson (Drama) for my Drama club. Lame shit! It is the same thing.

    We waited at the foyer and Wei Sheng started to put up a "mini piano concert". He damn good at piano loh. The teachers were very impress with his work. He is sure talent. Must nurture him. I am sure will become a famous musician in the future.

    After that went to Hwa Chong again. There we watched the SYF people act. We the propster practice moving the props in out of the stage. I am quite surprise at the speed we did. I am carrying the screen. After that went back to school in the lorry instead of the bus. At least got Jing Jie accompany me so still okay.

    fallen @ 9:31 PM

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    During the Flag raising, Mr Ong announces the C3 classroom. Guess how many stickers are there for the best class? 32! Shiok la! We patheic only got 1. Through out the day we got more from Mr Chio and Miss Chin. Hooray for Chio Chin! Hooray for 2/4!

    After school went to art room to do my mask. Completed half of my mask and I have to go do the props. Meet the propsters at the foyer. Jason did one chair for us. Damn stable loh. It seems easy for him but I sucks at this and did a chair at a much slower rate. After assembling the eight chairs (not by myself i did only four chairs), I took my things down while they paint the screen.

    At the end, we have to bring the painted screen into the PE room without touching the paint but in the end still kena. Went home with Mei Yan and Ying Yao by bus thats all. End of story (full-stop).

    fallen @ 10:12 PM

    Monday, April 9, 2007

    Today nothing special happen. Another beginning of the week. Play netball during PE lesson. Our team lost to Bao Hui's and we won Qing Hua's (maybe not counted cause they handicapped). Sean did the Ursa Warrior thing in the game (heard from my teammate). Hope I had seen it must be very funny. They discuss the most MAGNIFICENT team. It include Bao Hui, Fosh, Sahran,... (I forgotten the others anyway no offence). I worried I cannot pass napfa test. I must work hard!

    Then went for Mother tongue lesson after that. Acted the 举起手来. I think i did quite well. During Science lesson more about the digestive system and the Enyzmes blah blah... Then Miss Tan reminded me of my sad story. WA! Want to cry liao. Lame Shit! Why I so bo liao? Then Maths lesson got the quiz. The ze bonez team did so badly and then the Fosh Clan did so well. Walao!

    After school go Drama also nothing to do. I stay there do homework only. After drama Went to played volleyball with Jeremy, Jiayu, Norman and Max. I got also play the basketball. Perhaps today was special after all.

    fallen @ 10:15 PM

    Friday, April 6, 2007

    Today woke up at around 9 am to go to watch Tmnt at Sun Plaza. Meet Jordon at his house and found out that Jun Jie not going. Xuete! I went there with Jordon. On the mrt, saw Michelle Ang (pri sch classmate) with another boy which think he may be her boyfriend. On several occasion, I saw them together. That guy seems okay, quite shuai la. Then Jordon try to get her attention by waving at the other end. She saw him I think, but ignored him completely which make Jordon very angry (Relax la Jordon).

    Went there check out the arcade. It sucks loh. All the game like shit loh. Star factory = Shit factory. Then we went to watch the movie. The storyline was very good and very interesting. Can consider to watch. Then later went to Northpoint's arcade.

    At night, my house downstair got the voting thing and a stage for singing. My neighbour went to perform there, her English song tok kong. Everyone was so in to her singing. She looks so much like superstar.

    fallen @ 9:19 PM

    Thursday, April 5, 2007

    Hidios! I am back. So long never blog because of bad mood. Today I am very Happy! Kuai le! My spirit in singing has once again rise to the top. So much thanks to drama club members, class 2/4 buddies and family. This few days I had not been the smiley boy I use to be.

    Today nothing interesting during school curriculum so I shall not talk about it. After school went for the maths Olympic I understand nothing, nothing goes in, so boring (yawn). later need to wait till 6 45 for the SYF practice at Hwa Chong. Then I found Norman, Amos, Max and Jiayu in the basketball court playing. I played a bit then move to the pool table outside the counselor' room. Too did not play. Shoot the ball until kena shit. Cannot even get a point, so lousy leh.

    Then, We went to listen to Norman play the Japanese's song on piano. Jiayu is the teacher but he learned from Dorothy one. Jiayu played the piece until very nice. I want to learn a bit leh. If I learned to play, I want to play Cao Cao because I can sing while playing. Cool man! We got played a bit of volleyball but I only play a little cause I wearing uniform. But, later I went to play the street soccer which was so fun. The only thing I hate is I very weak in this game so next I change to keeper. So nice loh! I do not need to move very much. I saved all the balls then the game end with 0 0.

    When it was time I went to the dream studio. They found out that I was in the campus superstar before and kept encouraging me to sing. Then they kept saying Jasper singing lousier than me but at least he is very brave. Brought the tables down the halls, some looks very unstable. Because I have not eat yet I went to mac to buy a fillet fish for dinner while Wei Ying go buy drink. Then on the bus, I sang a few songs for her and Kenneth.

    At there, again carry the props up to the auditorium. Shiok loh! Hwa Chong rocks sia. Watch them practice and I like a few actors like Morris, Liang Yi, Kai Li and Wei Ying. Their ways of expressing emotion so powerful. I need to thank Mei Yan for helping me with my things when I am very busy. Then later go home at 10 plus so sleepy already I going to sleep bye......!

    fallen @ 11:47 PM

    Sunday, April 1, 2007

    Never known I am so weak...so tiny...so hope...less. I am wondering how I even pass the 1st audition. I found I really need someone by my side in order to do well. I so sorry to my dad. He waited for me outside for 4 hours and did not get to see me due to time constraint. Then when I went into the auditorium(thinking dad will be sitting there). Went in and saw only the five judges the cameraman. Upon seeing Li Fei Hui, I started stammering. In my mind I was thinking I will surely fail one because his expectation is very high and then I was out after singing a few lines (so nervous). Why doesn't I have the confident like the 1st audition? Why does I yi lai on others so much?

    Out of the freaky room I saw my father and cousin. They waited there so long and I have to bring them this kind of news. Although all day I am very gloomy but I felt better now. Anyway you know what I was told? I get to find a teacher of my choice. I thought I will never find a teacher. Perhaps the whole competition had prove worth it.

    fallen @ 9:03 AM