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  • Wednesday, January 2, 2008

    mmmm... wonder how the other teachers are like hope none is very... well today come to school Mr Lee and Madam Anantha already start asking us to cut slope le cannot layer. Wonder what is wrong with layer it is not like my is touching collar, sign* must they be so... later we have our Chem and the teacher is none other than Miss Tay Siew Peng not that I know her very well, she gave me an impression that she really needs a beating when she use a kao bei manner to speak to us. Well I got surprise she ask us to say whether we love Chem and the answer from us was like Chem sucks, I hate it. Well wonder what she thinks about us now after she say the minimum she can do is to make us understand it. Next, Chinese zzzz I cannot find myself to like this teacher as much as Mr Liu. When we saw Mr Liu we were like praying that he took us to his class. This is Jin Lao Shi by the way. I think she think too highly of us as I think the pace of the lesson is quite fast. Lastly we have the english lesson which actually I am not looking forward to but went quite well. Haven start lesson yet so she have us play some game. Well I won go telling the details but it is very funny that is. After school went to eat with Sherwynn at yishun central beside the Vari Nice yucks. Never go that coffeeshop i tell you it sucks. Later I went to face the fate of living with slope for my last two years at amkss sob*. Well thats it, haven eat sia.

    fallen @ 7:55 PM

    Happy New Year Everyone may luck and fortune be with you. I will try to post my blog more often from now on.

    fallen @ 6:18 AM