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  • Tuesday, December 4, 2007

    Finally got my hands on the long pants. MuaHaHa no more short pants hooray!!! On the way to buy the pants I actually meet Jun Jie. So surprise, he spent most of his holiday at Malaysia and now I am seeing him on the bus! Anyway I and he decided to have lunch at Woodlands and catch a movie too. Along with Jordon of course. We are the three brothers after all or maybe not lol.

    The food at the foodcourt near the ticket booth is errrr... don know how to describe it, just not delicious. Then we went to watch the movie Fred Claus. Hmm... why this movie, well, this is the movie which none of us had watch yet so we decided to watch it. Why not other time? J.J going back to Malaysia AGAIN!!! tomorrow!!!

    Okay not very funny as the Enchanted. Well of course how could I compared these two. Anyway the Fred talk super duper fast, he is beyond rapping lol! Shall not talk about the movie details since some of you may be watching. Must anti-spoiler.

    fallen @ 8:39 PM

    Saturday, December 1, 2007

    Finally done haha! So tiring! Help me spot any error in my blogskin!

    fallen @ 4:26 PM

    So long never blog le don even know why I even bother to type right now. Maybe I find it Ma Fan to update! Forget it I am just plainly lazy. sigh* Anyway, my holiday can be describe as no life (ahhh... 1 evidence). I been watching television, using computer and PS2 (see!!! I have so much time!)

    Only some parts make me lively. That is drama, yeah nothing wrong, it is drama. Although very tired but at least I got to stretch my limbs. Also I am so glad of my work lol. Like the toilet bowl (lol very unpleasant stuff I made). This is actually eileen do halfway I continue one. Then the final part that is the painting a lot of people do one cannot remember who. So now this is placed in dream studio for display lol. Of course there is the very time and energy wasting wall. Kind of regret on how we actually separate the work loh. Well I will not make this mistake again. Oh 1 last thing is the showcase where I did the last two show as the drunkard, quite fun actually but got injured as usual lol so sad.

    Then just few days ago went watch the enchanted. Now now, do not think this is a lame or childish show. It is a show that is good enough for everyone not joking. Like comedy go watch, very nice. Did not regret at all. I want the soundtrack very badly loh. Haven come out so sian!

    Ahh... I am out of words again. guess this is the end for today post!

    fallen @ 12:34 AM